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Polyimide film is one of the early polyimide products

2020-07-17 14:30:58

Polyimide is a high engineering plastic with the same temperature resistance grade. It can be used at 430℃ for a long time. It has excellent dimensional stability, heat insulation, oxidation stability, chemical resistance good mechanical processing performance. Generally speaking, as long as it is in the field of high temperature resistance chemical resistance, polyimide can be used to replace traditional plastics. At present, polyimide is mainly used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, precision machinery office machinery fields.

At present, the most common finished polyimide material is DuPont's Kapton series film, which is mostly used in the field of electrical appliances. In addition, GE's Ultem polyimide is mostly used as engineering resin.

Main uses of polyimide tape:

In the electronic electrical industry, it can be used for high-demand H-class motor transformer coil insulation wrapping, high temperature resistant coil end wrapping fixing, temperature measurement thermal resistance protection, capacitor wire entanglement other bonding insulation under high temperature working conditions. In the circuit board manufacturing industry, it can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays other electronic components that require high temperature moisture protection.

Polyimide film is one of the early polyimide products, mainly used to make polyimide high-temperature tape, motor slot insulation cable wrapping materials.

At present, the development of foreign polyimide film products is better than that of domestic products. The main products are DuPont Kapton in the United States Upilex series produced by Ube Industries in Japan. They can make the film thickness 5um even thinner. On the other hand, in China, 8um thickness can be made at present, thinner has been seen yet.

The thickness of the domestic common polyimide film is 12.5, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125um so on.



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