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Development history of domestic high-performance polyimide film

2016-12-06 00:00:00

High-performance polyimide film has stable excellent physical, chemical, electrical mechanical properties in a wide temperature range of -269~400℃. It is other plastic film such as nylon film, polyester film, polypropylene film Incomparable to polyethylene film, it plays an important role in many high-tech industries today, especially in the fields of microelectronics, electrical insulation, aerospace. High-performance polyimide film, together with carbon fiber aramid fiber, is considered to be the three major bottleneck key polymer materials currently restricting the development of China's high-tech industry. It only has huge commercial value, but also has far-reaching social significance importance. Strategic significance.

Polyimide film

Polyimide film is a key insulating material for power appliances, is widely used in the manufacture of power transmission distribution equipment, wind power generation equipment, variable frequency motors, high-speed traction motors, high-voltage transformers. For example, China’s currently developing high-speed rail transit system of >300km/h must use high-temperature resistant polyimide film as the main insulating material; wind power equipment rectifiers, inverters transformers all need to use polyimide insulating films In addition, corona-resistant polyimide film has always been the key insulation material for variable frequency speed control energy-saving motors.

Since the 1990s, high-performance polyimide film materials have become a key material for microelectronics manufacturing packaging, are widely used in the manufacturing of very large-scale integrated circuits, TAB carrier tape, flexible packaging substrates, flexible connection ribbons. . For example, polyimide film flexible packaging substrates are replacing the traditional metal copper lead frame to directly attach IC chips become the mainstream packaging technology for thin miniaturized electronic products such as notebook computers, mobile phones, cameras, video cameras; polyimide film TAB The belt has become the supporting technology of the RolltoRoll production line of microelectronic products.

my country did start too late in the industrialization of polyimide film. As early as the 1970s, the former Ministry of Machinery Technology organized research on polyimide film manufacturing technology. However, due to various reasons, my country's high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology has been in a low-level state. In the late 1990s, with the rapid development of VLSI manufacturing packaging industries special power electrical appliances industries, the lack of high-performance polyimide film materials became a bottleneck that severely restricted the development of my country's high-tech industries.

Facing the urgent scientific technical problems of polyimide film in our country, the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has cooperated with Shenzhen Ruihuatai Film Technology Co., Ltd. since 2003 under the support of the National High-tech Industrialization Project of the National Development Reform Commission. Began to work on the research of high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology. Through nearly eight years of hard work, we have overcome the technical key points the preparation of key resins to the stable process of continuous biaxially stretched polyimide film production, mastered the high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology with my country's independent intellectual property rights.

On this basis, the largest high-performance polyimide film production base in China was built in 2010. The first phase of the project construction invested a total of 11.8 billion yuan to complete three high-performance polyimide films with 1200mm width biaxial stretching technology. The construction of a continuous production line for imide film has a full-load annual production capacity of 350t. The completion commissioning of this production base broke the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in the field of polyimide film materials, accelerated the localization of China’s aerospace, solar other high-end materials applications, reduced costs increased competition in the electronics, electrical other application markets. The force has a huge driving effect, marking that China has ranked among the international advanced level in the manufacturing technology of high-performance polyimide film materials.

On this basis, in response to the development needs of the national high-tech industry, the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has carried out serialization functional research of high-performance polyimide films, in flexible organic thin-film solar cells a new generation of flexible LCD OLED displays. Highly transparent polyimide film, low thermal expansion polyimide film for micro/optoelectronic packaging, corona-resistant polyimide film for energy-saving frequency conversion motors, polyimide film for space other laboratory preparation technologies Both have made important progress.



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