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Shellac mica series products

2020-07-21 16:14:47
Shellac mica series products

This product is a hard plate-shaped insulating material made by bonding mica other flakes with shellac insulating varnish baking pressing. This product has high dielectric strength, corresponding plasticity at a certain temperature, can process various specifications of plates, tubes, gaskets, flanges, special-shaped parts according to customer needs.

Shellac lacquer sheet was originally called shellac lacquer. It is obtained by hot melt solvent dissolution of shellac glue to remove impurities. The final shellac lacquer sheet has different colors according to different requirements. Shellac varnish is a kind of biological product. It is non-polluting, non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergic to the skin when used on furniture home interior coatings. It is a high-grade coating that avoids the hidden danger of formaldehyde in ordinary coatings. , Covered with ordinary paint coating, can prevent the leakage of formaldehyde gas causing harm to the human body, avoid direct contact with human skin by toxic substances.

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